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Postpartum sit-in conditioning | 30-day basic sit-in package


Recipe 7 days of the first week

Help the uterus eliminate lochia and maintain blood circulation.
1. Biochemical Soup
2. Biochemical Soup
3. Lishui swelling soup
4. He Tao Tian Ma Bu Nao Tang
5. Increased milk soup
6. Tianma Qufeng Soup
7. Tian Qixing blood soup


Recipe 9 days of the second week

Uterine contraction to prevent backache.

8. Tiaojing soup (lady)
9. Adding Bazhen Soup
10. Liver and Kidney Soup
11. Strong waist and kidney soup
12. Yang Qi Yi Tang
13. Shuangbuqixuetang
14. Angelica tonic blood soup
15. Ejiao Qingbu soup
16. Asparagus Soup


7 days of the third week recipe

Warm qi and blood, enhance physical strength, strengthen kidney and waist.

17. Shiquan Dabu Tang
18. Shenqi Shouwu Tang
19. White Ginseng Beauty Face Soup
20. Jianpiweitang
21. Nourishing Wufa Soup
22. Cordyceps nourishing soup
23. Reishi Tonic Soup


Week 4 Recipe 7 days

Improve physique, activate muscles and bones.

24. Angelica nanzao soup
25. Old American Ginseng Shell Fungus Soup
26. Korean Ginseng Soup
27. Cistanche Soup
28. Soup with Ginseng and Qi
29. Niu Qi Tang
30. Renshen Ningshen Soup

Conditioning | 30-day basic sit-in package

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