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Crown Package


30 days sitting month health drink
2 cans (100g +/-) pure body winter ginger powder
30 Days (30 Capsules) Gastrodia Ashin Suhe Wan
12 Days American Laoshan Ginseng
12 days old Korean Korean ginseng
12 days Yunnan sweet west to head
8 Days Changbai Mountain Ginseng
2 (750ml) Korean Ginger Wine
1 (600ml) Ginseng Eucommia Propolis Shouwu Tonic Waist Extract
2 cans (300ml) special effects precious concubine gynecology treasure
10 days Cordyceps sinensis
10 days (300g) selected bald ginseng
15 days butterfly flower gum
15 days abalone
15 Aozhou Bald Ginseng


+30 days basic month package


Free included

Concentrated Ginkgo Leaf Chicken Essence-6 x 70ml

Wild Mountain Ginseng & Cordyceps Ginseng & Sea Cucumber Extract-6 x 70ml

American Ginseng Pills (100 capsules)

Cordyceps pills (100 capsules)

Ginseng pills (100 capsules)

Crown Package

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