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1️⃣ Little Golden Fungus

Anti-aging, anti-hypoxia ability, lower blood fat and cholesterol, prevent fat accumulation in the liver, improve liver detoxification function

2️⃣ Saponins Meters

Effectively improve complexion of skin tone, have good effect on fatigue, waist and knee pain, irregular menstruation / dysmenorrhea, etc.

3️⃣ Gum Tragatanch

Can eliminate constipation, reduce blood sugar rise, inhibit body fat accumulation, prevent obesity, high blood pressure, high blood fat and other diseases

4️⃣ Peach Resin

Used for beauty, anti-wrinkle, laxative effect, diabetes, stomach pain, and thirst quenching, etc. It is pure natural gum


Limited Time Offer! Buy it now!

Free 1 sachet of flower and fruit tea (115g)

The rich fruity aroma can soothe the mood and also has the effect of beauty

Beauty Four Treasures (800g) (4can / set)

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