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Effect: remove dampness, moisturize the intestines, clear heat and lungs, eliminate phlegm and cure cough


* Bawang Hua Luo Han Guo Herbal Soup is very suitable for frequent consumption during the four seasons exchange and the dry climate


Material: Night Bloming Cereus, Luo Han Guo, Yuzhu, lentils, almonds, red dates, about 500 grams of ribs


Cooking Method:

1. First wash the soup ingredients and soak it in clean water for about 30-60 minutes

2. Pick about 500 grams of fresh pork ribs, wash and put in the pot, add water to cover the pork ribs, use a large fire to cook for about 1.5 minutes after the water is boiled, turn off the fire and remove the ribs.

3. Then put the soup ingredients and ribs together in the soup pot and cook for 30 minutes on high heat.

4. After another 1-2 hours using a small fire, add salt and season according to your preferences to enjoy the soup.


Tips: Put Luo Han Guo 20 minutes before turning off the heat, and cook it in a small fire for about 20 minutes, the soup will be more delicious!

Night Bloming Cereus (38G/PKT)

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